Friday, April 10, 2009

You don't even know when it hits you

It's crazy how everyone's so busy with their lives, it felt like it was jusut yesterday when we were hanging out at lunch, during classes / skipping, and afterschool. One of the girls made everyone promise to "stay in touch when we got to highschool.. everyone was like "YAH OF COURSE! WE'RE TOGETHER FOREVER", before you know it, high school came along.. we all separated into differnt "cliques", now that we're out of highschool and into post secondary, we're strangers. One of the girls just disappeared, it's like she fell off the face of this earth, ha, ha, i kid i kid. Anyways, how can we just walk by each other like strangers? .. Odd.

From first crush, firt date, to first kiss.. I really do miss the pass, but I can't just sit here and wish to be stuck in the pass and never move forward. I know it's okay to feel afraid of growing up, it's a part of life. Tears, laughters, heartbreaks.. life IS really something, huh? I'm honestly afraid of growing up.. I am scared to be a failure. I don't want to be going to school for business, but later to find out I absolutely hate it. Failing is one of my worst fears.. but you don't fail until you give up. This term I really have put a lot of my effort into the work that I do, and I really wish it does pay off.. I know I slacked in the beggining, but I am improving. Going to study hard for finals all day tmrw, wish me luck!

So tell me how you feel (im lonely)
Are you for real (so lonely)
Do you still think of me (i think of you)
Baby still (are you lonely)
Do you dream of me at night (like i dream of you all the time)
So let me tell you how it feels (its like everyday i die)
Wish i was dreaming but its real (when i open up my eyes)
Let me tell you how it feels (and don't see your pretty face)
I think that i will never love again

-- haha, I can never get over this song.. makes me sad everytime LOL

Okay, So I was just watching the music video for this song on youtube, and I was going through the comments.. and this is what I came across.. ITs so sweet.. yet made me sad =(
dear samantha...
u can tell me if he bullies u.. i'll listen~
remember to eat more.. u are too slim~
do take care.. it pains me too if u're hurt~
slp well at nite.. i'll dream of us~
wish u get happiness that i couldnt give~
i still talk about you sometimes~

- victor

ISn't it??

xoxo, N

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