Friday, April 17, 2009

.. and it feels like me, On a good day..

Hi blog =) I know I've been M.I.A for like.. a week almost! wow. But I have a good reason, I swear!
I've been studying my butt off for law and finance final.. now I have accounting and marketing left, please do wish me luck! So.. I had a bad day yestrerday.. I don't think I did very well on my finance exam.. Pretty bummed about it, so I went home and slept till 7pm haha..and ASOT 400 started yesterday! woot, it was really good.. Anyway, today is one of those shitty days again,

I was sleeping and I dreamt that my mom was on the phone with someone tellling them that my car got broken into and they stole my stereo deck so I started to cry, cause yeah I love my car okay LOL.. Then I woke up around 1pm, my mom looks at me and she says "Your car got broken into and they stole your deck" I'm like "WHAT?!?! IT'S NOT A DREAM?1?!" omg, my heart broke.. So i went on my blackberry told my brother, michelle, jay, and my boyfriend.. like seriously.. the theif fucking stole the whole thing..there's an empty hole where my Cd player supposed to be, they even took my BURNT cds from 2006 till now.. and my moms viet music.. like why would you steal burnt cds? and my winnie the pooh cd holder.. UGhh.. im so depresssed!! anyway so my aunty chi called, the one who bought me my cd deck, and my mom told her about the dream that isnt a dream.. and she talked to me and was like "DONT CRY! DONT BE STUPID, ITS NOT WORTH CRYING OVER! ILL GIVE YOU MONEY TO BUY A NEW ONE OK! STOP CRYING!" haha.. I wasn't even crying . it was only in the dream.. but yeah w/e i love her. after all that fiasco.. GUESS WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL??

*drumm rolls please!!


That's right, MY COASTAL SCENTS ORDER!! <3>

  • Professional Camouflage Concealer Palete - $16.95
  • Contour & Blush Palette - $19.95
  • Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler - $7.95
  • Pink Kabuki Brush - $4.99

Isn't such a good deal?!? I mean my MAC STUDIO FIX concealer is about the same price as the WHOLE concealer palette! and it's not bad quality either. Hehe, I am so excited to try out the brushes, but I just washed them.. and they only shed a couple of hairs, but that's not bad at all!

Anyway, enough with my makeup. I'm going to go see 17 Again, the movie with Zac Efron later with my boyfriend=) I miss him so much, I saw him like two days ago though hehe. Then tomorrow I work 11-3..then study, which is something I should be doing right now! Since the last two finals are both on the 21st (tuesday) ..sigh! well. Hasta la vista babeeehs.

xoxo, N

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