Sunday, April 12, 2009

Insomnia '09. It was an okay night.. wasn't the best, and definately not worth the bad burn out I have to go through right now. Brother was drunk, so he told me that I had to take care of him, since he took care of me at the last rave. But ended up him taking care of me again, ILUU broother =). Everyone was there.. even T! He was being a promiscuous little man, oh well, secret safe with me. Went to Albert's for a bit after, had really bad headrushes once again, and puked.. ahh. Not worth it! went back to the boyfriend's after, had a nap..and I woke up feeling a bit better =) Went to Timmies with the boyfriend, J, and M. Got soup <3 but yah..went home and boyfriend came over. had family gather yadadada.. but now i'm just really tired. So I shall go to bed.. GOOD NIGHT= )

xoxo, N

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