Saturday, April 18, 2009

ready for love!

I worked from 11-3 today at the 108th, and BOY WAS IT CHILLING! I didn't really do anything besides stand and look pretty :). Brian came in at 12, and guess what blog?! He burnt me a cd!!! Cause yesterday I told him about my shitty deal about the theives..and so he txted me last nght and was like "what kind of music do you listen to?" and i said "slow jams, r&b, trance.. but slowjams<3<3 why? are u gonna make me a cd? :)" and he was like "i WAS going to surprise you, but nah im not gonna do it anymore" so i was like "k fine, im gonna go down in my own tears to sleep".. but he actually did stay up late to burn me one, isn't that so nice of him?? Btw, I've known this guy since I was in grade 8-10, then we kind of like drifted and didn't see him, until i bumped into him at work! hehe. Anyway @ break we went to Church's chicken rushed back after and did some work.. then after I got home from work I took a big long nap from like 5-7.. even though I only meant to nap for 30 min since I had to study, which is something I have not done yet, but I'll do it after i finish writing this, i promise =).
2 more days until i'm donee!! woooo!
p.s I love my makeup brushes <3>
xoxo, N

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