Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday -
Dad's birthday =)
work 8-1215
bf surprised me after work, went home and ate some left over bbq food.

Saturday -
Metro, (supposed to work, but told them I didn't want to, so they told me I could leave =D ) , Grandview corners w/ Brian and Christian, downtown and then Tropika.. and then nightmarket with jenny and christine

Sunday -
I was planning to stay home and studied, but the weather was so beautiful. I planned a last minute picnic trip.. went to Kits beach w/ Jennifer, bf, Albert, Brian, Christian, Bo & gf, and sam! hehe was pretty funnn

now Im going to do my homework that I should of started a long time agoo....

I am soo exhausted. -.-

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friday - I went to Metrotown with Mary, Vanna, and Jenny to find a gift for Mother's day.. Walked around and around, but all I spent money on was FOOD (not really a surprise here.. haha). Jenny wanted to get mother a mug, so we got one from the Disney Store with Pooh bear on it <3. Went down to new west after to meet up with my little brother alexx to get him something, then since we dind't want to go home, vanna decided we should go to stanley park and "hunt for ghosts".. but we failed. THANK GOD.. cause i was terrified. Had so much fun just cruising around though.. =)

Haha sorry for the crappy picture!
Sat - Worked from 8-12.. After Kim, bf, and Thomas came over.. had some bun bo hue, and then I took like three hours to get ready for Rohan's birthday party.. The party was alright.. too drama-filled for my liking actually. Got in a middle of a fight, soo I have a bruise on my hand and an ankle that is in pain.. haha. Jake, alex, dim, got there as well.. Funny thing is, I've never felt any more awkward than sitting in a room full of people that I were once close with.. haha.. We all drift our different ways. Whatever, got home at 3am.. fell asleep..
Sun - I worked till 3.. on the way home i stopped by price smart to buy my mom a bouquet of flowers & 15 dollars worth of scratch and win lottery tickets! haha she won 12 dollars, so I think that's pretty good! Had a mother's day dinner at home.. and I was just really tired by like 9pm.. I haven't had enough sleep from friday and saturday.
Mon - School, then went home to take a nap.. work up to the screamings of my parents because they were watching the canucks game.. too bad that loss *TEARS.. Had bbt with michelle and jennifer.. cause she wantd to talk to us.. ahha but all the things she told me (cause she thought i didn't know). i alrady knew.. so it wasn't so much of a surpris anymore.. this was regarding A, and J. =P
Today, I had school.. and then I was planning on going to the gym, but I can't fnd my gym pass.. soo.. I am at home in my room doing nothing.. and decided to catch on my blogging.
I don't think anyone actually reads this, but it's so that in 10 years or even like 2 years, I look back on this and I can read and laugh about how stupid I am. =) HAHa
ANYWAY, tis all for now..

xoxO, N

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I miss you soo much..
I wish you never left me... & I just wanted to tell you that I love you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why do I always put others before me, but when it comes to them, i'm always second to nothing.

I admit it, it really does hurt.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am totally loving the past couple of days!

Saturday: Got my hair highlighted blonde at Ngoc & Nga.. thanks boyfriend for paying!, i absolutely love it!! After that, I went to metrotown for a bit, then ate at ESTEA with Jenn, Michelle, and the Boyfriend <3

Sunday: Temple, then went to my aunt's house..she has a whole stash of MARY KAY makeup.. and she let me choose whatever I want, FOR FREE! FAVOURITE WORD! haha.

Monday: found out I passed and did pretty well on all four courses I took winter semester! <3lovee!>
Hair done, free makeup, coach bag, passed all courses with good grades.. I AM SOOO HAPPY! hehe

My little sister & I ♥

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Short & Sweet.

I went to coquitlam centre w/ my mom and little sister today. Got myself a white thin belt, and a black thick belt..that's all. Haha, after drove to Janneus' house to chill, Laine and Sofie were there.. Played on the wii, ate pizza / chips, "walked" the dog, ate dinner, and rockband.. then drove the girls to sofies.. so now im at home, and I'm just not really in the mood for anything..
xoxo, N