Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IM DONE MY FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hehe! got 85% percent on my marketing term project, which is good enough I guess! Wooo!
I feel sooo relaxed that I'm done school until.. may.. HAHa dammit. Oh how did my finals go? well.. my accounting one was okay, i restarted like 123242 times.. and we had until 12 to finsh, i restarted from scratch at 1130. HAHA i was freaking rushing like a maniac..which caused me to created some wrong accounts.which then didn't allow me to view my income statement..so I couldn't print it.. i tried to fix the problem but I couldn't.. i felt like I was going to cry.. oh well, i hope i did good though.. marketing? i did okay i think...haha whatever let's not talk about it.
So afterschool I decided to bus home since it was such a nice day out, waited for the bus at surrey central and saw Justin! so we chit chatted on the bus and what not, and then i got home.. then i cleaned my room and got rid of all signs of school. haha =). then i decided to clean my closet, so now its all cleean! got rid of some clothes i don't wear. I'm having a good day.. welll night..

OH AND oh my, canucks game was INTENSE!!!! but they won!! woohooo 4-0 noww, their the first to make it into the 2nd round.. oh how i love them! <3

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is my before and after of the closet. its just folded now =) ahah.

xoxo, N

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