Thursday, April 9, 2009

First entry!

Hello BLOGSPOT! I've decided to start blogging again, because I find it really enjoyable to be able to come back to old posts like 2 years after and read what I wrote. It's good to sometimes write memories down because who knows when it just vanishes and you just forget about it.

So, today was the last day of the semester.. weird 'cause I don't remember learning ANYTHING in my finance class haha! well don't I have a lot of stuff to study for. Anyway, so I stayed after school to study for law until 6:30 to wait for the BF. If it wasn't for seeing him today, I probably head home ASAP after class was over to go to bed, good thing I didn't though. I got a lot done =) Went over to his house waited for him to showe cause he stinks (hehe!), went to Old Spaghetti Factory, had pastaa! Mmmm! Hello fatties! After he dropped me off home, and then I stole some of J & P's french fries!! AHH I'm so bad.. Must stop eating! haha. Layed in bed for a while since I had such an exhausting day.. then drove P home, but it was just her mother home & I feel bad for letting her be home with her mom alone, apparently they don't get along to well.. So I drove P and J to Rogers Video.. WE WERE IN PAJAMAS! I was sooo embaressed, mind you, I've NEVER been out in my PJS. Atleast they were nice pretty ones :). It was pretty funny, we laughed at ourselves for a bit.. then a girl came in.. you'd never guess, THE GIRL WAS WEARING THE SAME PJS as J. Like what are the chances? Haha. In the end bought two movies, since it was buy one get one free! Yayyy! Dropped P home.. got home. Then just signed up for this blogspot and here I am blabbering away!

I love my boyfriend, he is so understanding (sometimes), and is soo dependable! *muaah* He really does complete me ♥ .

Have you guys (if anyones even reading this..) ever wonder if there's another universe out there, with another planet called Earth, with another you living on that planet? Okay, well anyone else. What are they doing? Blogging? Wondering the same thing I'm wondering now? Hmmm....

So, my goal is to keep updating this blog everyday, even if it's nothing special so that I have memories to look back on. But I'm done for now, ta-ta!

xoxo, N

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